JADE Is All-Inclusive

More affordable and now All options and modules included!

Whole Pattern Fitting + Rietveld

Quantify weight percentages and identify minor phases quickly and easily. JADE even automates these tasks as soon as you load your pattern.

Simulation and Visualization

Simulate patterns to created your own custom database. Better visualize a structure in dimension with motion. Visual cues throughout to better help you and your team understand the materials you are analyzing.

Cluster Analysis

Sorting through lots of similar patterns is easier to find outliers with our extensive cluster toolset. Use cluster analysis to find emerging patterns across your data.

Whatever You Need To Do - JADE Has you Covered

Previous versions of JADE were built upon modules allowing you to purchase only the parts you needed. But Science is a creative field and while this approach worked well for budgets it didn’t allow the opportunity for everyone to have equal access to all the most exciting new tools. So, we decided to completely rewrite our Classic JADE from the ground up. This gave us the opportunity to streamline the interface, simplify menus and enhance graphics as well as tuck in many new more powerful algorithms and include loads more automatic functions to help you get to your answers quicker.

Besides wanting to provide ALL the features to everyone, we wanted to reduce the cost for our customers. Today’s JADE is kept up to date through annual and on demand updates. This allows us to include a complete and powerful set of tools to you while letting us continue developing innovative new features. JADE's active development and varied user requests provides a steady stream of improvements and an opportunity to tailor this powerful tool to your unique needs. Some of our best ideas come from other Scientists requesting an approach for tackling a difficult problem.

xrd pattern

Innovative Ideas + Reputation = Science You Can Trust

For over 30 years Materials Data has enjoyed a well-earned reputation of being on the forefront of implementing the newest ideas in science into applications for XRD. MDI was the first to implement Whole Pattern Fitting and Rietveld, long before others realized it’s importance as well as the first to create patterns from structures providing the benefits realized from pattern simulation. MDI created the k-alpha cursor. JADE provides some very advanced methods for smoothing, profile fitting and background processing. We are committed to advancing XRD methods and continue to invest our time and attention into building the most powerful applications for the science of XRD.

JADE automates your analysis. You’ll be amazed at the power of our One Click Analysis. In so many cases it’s just one click and you’re done. Often these results are better than those an experienced analyst could report and are completed in a timelier manner. For the very experienced XRD Scientist, One Click Analysis serves as an excellent starting point for further in-depth analysis. Watch how efficiently you can move through stacks of samples in a streamlined manner. Use time saved to document your results for publication using the rich set of tools designed to make your results stand out.

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