MDI Products

MDI creates PC products for powder diffraction data analysis and acquisition. If you plan to upgrade your diffractometer to more modern automation, check our Databox and DataScan offerings. For pattern analysis, phase identification, full physics modeling, Jade software is the best choice. And for those using films and image detectors, MDI's FilmScan, now in a far more powerful version, provides exceptional digital processing. jPowd now also includes Laue simulations.

Current MDI Products


The industry standard for all your XRD processing needs. Qual, Quant, Indexing, Rietveld - Jade has it all.


Stepper motor control replaces obsolete systems and/or automates manual diffractometers.


MDI probably has a Windows control code for your diffractometer. Call or email us.


Complete pattern simulation from crystal structures with extraordinarily beautiful structure viewing options. Many additional tools included such as Laue simulation.


Hardware and Software for digital processing of films including Debye-Scherrer, Guinier, Gandolfi, flat-plate geometries like TEM, and certain 2-D image detectors.


MDI's popular 'stand-alone' graphical Rietveld and WPF code. Great for repetitive quant analysis.


The Nickel - Nichols mineral reference book in a relational database format containing data for more than 4800 mineral species.


Shadow - the leader in XRD profile analysis.


Software for ab-initio structure solving from your measured powder diffraction files.

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